Diabetes and diabetic complications

QRbeta Therapeutics/ TargetBCD

In August 2015, Evotec and Sanofi entered into a strategic collaboration in the field of diabetes to develop a beta cell replacement therapy based on functional human beta cells derived from human stem cells. Both companies have made significant contributions to this collaboration in terms of expertise, platforms and resources. 

In April 2017, Evotec  reached an important milestone, triggering a payment of € 3 m to Evotec, for achieving pre-clinical proof-of-concept. 

In June 2018, Evotec reached a second € 3 m-milestone after meeting pre-agreed critical success criteria for a potential manufacturing process for generation of human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-derived beta cells, including the demonstration of upscaling potential and suitability of the cell product for encapsulated beta cell function in diabetes models.

In December 2019, Evotec announced the achievement of a third milestone, resulting in a payment of € 3 m to Evotec. This milestone was triggered after Evotec met pre-agreed critical criteria within the beta cell replacement therapy programme.

In April 2020, Evotec announced that the Company would receive the global development and commercialisation rights to the programme back from Sanofi. Evotec will continue the development of the beta cell programme on its own within its EVT Innovate initiative “QRbeta Therapeutics” while in parallel exploring the best strategic options for further long-term development and commercialisation.

You can find more information about QRbeta Therapeutics here.

Bayer/ CureNephron

In September 2016, Evotec announced that Evotec and Bayer have entered into a five-year, multi-target research partnership. The goal is the development of multiple clinical candidates for the treatment of kidney diseases such as chronic kidney disease in diabetes patients. Both companies will contribute novel drug targets and a comprehensive set of high-quality technology platforms to jointly develop innovative treatment options for these severe conditions. The partners will share responsibilities during pre-clinical development of potential clinical candidates.

Under the terms of the agreement, Bayer received exclusive access to selected candidates as well as to Evotec’s CureNephron target pipeline. Bayer will be responsible for any subsequent clinical development and commercialisation. Evotec will receive a minimum of € 14 m over the contract period including research payments and an undisclosed licence fee. In addition, Evotec is eligible to receive pre-clinical, clinical and sales milestones of potentially over € 300 m as well as tiered royalties of up to low double-digit percentage of net sales.