Janssen/ Immune-based therapies

In January 2023, Evotec announced that the Company has entered into a strategic collaboration and licence agreement with Janssen Biotech. The collaboration focuses on the development of first-in-class targeted immune-based therapies for oncology, which will ultimately be commercialised by Janssen. 

The collaboration leverages Evotec’s integrated discovery and development capabilities and manufacturing optimisation processes, including an option for the GMP manufacture of the immune-based therapies. Evotec will collaborate closely with Janssen during the pre-clinical R&D phase while Janssen will assume full responsibility for the clinical development and commercialisation. 

Besides research funding, Evotec is entitled to an undisclosed upfront payment, success-based research and commercial milestones exceeding $ 350 m as well as tiered royalties on products resulting from the collaboration.

Kazia Therapeutics/ EVT801

In April 2021, Evotec announced that the Company has entered into both a licensing and master service agreement with Kazia Therapeutics, an Australian oncology-focused biotechnology company. Under the contract, Evotec will grant Kazia an exclusive worldwide license for research, development and commercialisation of Evotec’s oncology project EVT801.

EVT801 is a pre-clinical-stage, orally available, small molecule inhibitor of the lymphatic growth factor receptor VEGFR3, originally developed within Evotec’s partnership with Sanofi. The high selectivity of EVT801 for VEGFR3 over other VEGF receptors differentiates the compound from other small-molecule multi-kinase inhibitors that target multiple VEGF receptors, which are associated with significant toxicity. EVT801 provides the potential to specifically antagonise VEGFR3 to combine high efficacy both against the primary tumour and lymphatic-borne metastases with a highly favourable toxicology profile. 

Evotec receives a small upfront payment as well as further payments for continued support progressing EVT801 into the clinic and beyond, e.g. for biomarker development and CMC. Additionally, Evotec is eligible to receive clinical and commercial milestones of more than € 300 m as well as tiered high single-digit royalties on the net sales of EVT801, which will be shared with Sanofi, Evotec’s partner for the discovery and early development of EVT801.

In Q4 2021, Kazia has commenced enrolment to a Phase I clinical of EVT801.