Evotec’s Pathology team counts three anatomic pathologists, one clinical pathologist and eight histotechnicians, as well as internationally recognised external consultants in the fields. Our pathologists have up to 25 years of experience with a broad skillset in discovery and clinical-enabling pathology techniques and possess internationally recognised qualifications (DACVP/DECVP, MRCPATH, DECLAM qualified pathologists/clinical pathologists). The histology team includes highly specialised and trained histotechnicians.

Evotec Pathology unit is principally dedicated to toxicological pathology for drug development in multiple species (rodents and non-rodents), but it is also involved in supporting investigative studies to target attrition issues, validation and characterisation of animal models, and identification and validation of biomarkers. 

GLP and international regulatory standards are applied to all pathology activities in order to meet the requirements for developing drug products worldwide.

Our range of services and capabilities include:

  •  Necropsies and tissue collection, organ weights and macroscopic data recording 
  • Tissue trimming and histological slide preparation according to international requirements, special histochemical stains, and immunohistochemistry
  • Comprehensive pathology narrative reports correlating pathological findings with clinical chemistry, haematology, organ weight, urine analyses and clinical signs in safety studies (GLP and non-GLP up to 9 months duration)
  • Clinical pathology data interpretation; expertise in biomarker set-up and validation 
  • Peer review and consultancy services 
  • Slide scanner and remote sharing system
  • Neurotoxicity (extensive brain trimming, implementation of best practice for  peripheral nervous system evaluation in rodent and non-rodent species and neurovacuolation studies, Olney’s test)
  • Transmission electron microscopy, from grid preparation to interpretation of ultrastructural changes 

Pathology activities are part of fully-integrated packages, including all aspects of drug development in a single site (INDiGO).

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