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Design and apply innovative technologies to dramatically expand global access to biotherapeutics

Just - Evotec Biologics is leveraging its deep experience and technological strengths with partners to rapidly move molecules into the clinic or into the marketplace. Delivering superior quality, speed and cost from discovery through manufacturing is essential for creating global access to biologics.

“With decades of industry experience our goal is to utilise all the advanced technology tools our team develops to benefit clients and partners.”Dr Jim Thomas, EVP, Global Head Biotherapeutics



J.DESIGN is an in-house, integrated technology platform. Utilising J.DESIGN Just - Evotec Biologics accelerates development and provides superior manufacturing process control for higher quality molecules at the lowest possible cost.

At the core of J.DESIGN is a common data management system that centralises and integrates the highly complex data sets generated from the distinct activities involved with the development and manufacture of biologics – Discovery, Molecular Design, Process Design, and Manufacturing Design – into a singular biologics design space.




  • Large, diverse, manufacturable, and developable discovery libraries with machine-learned biasing






  • Native antibody sequences are improved to enhance manufacturability and stability
  • Abacus™ is an in-house suite of proprietary computational tools that enable prediction of the best molecules and conditions for development
  • Product candidates are evaluated using assays that indicate how well a molecule is expressed, purified and formulated
  • Learnings from each molecule are used to improve the toolset for future molecules


  • Proprietary cell lines, vectors, and media with process options for fed-batch, intensified fed-batch, and continuous culture
  • Chromatography, filtration, and viral clearance capabilities for removal of impurities
  • Biophysical and formulation development tools for defining optimal storage stability
  • High resolution analytical capabilities, including mass spectrometry based multi-attribute method (MAM)


  • Disposable technologies and intensified processes to create a flexible, deployable, and relatively low cost biomanufacturing facility
  • Small, intensified bioprocessing is housed inside J.POD® cleanrooms to reduce expensive manufacturing space and overall plant size
  • Commercial J.POD® facility under construction in Redmond, Washington  
  • Unit operations are identical to J.PLANT (clinical) facility located in Seattle, Washington to alleviate scale-up and minimise transfer risk


Just - Evotec Biologics offers a suite of biotherapeutic research and development services, leveraging its fully integrated technology platform, J.DESIGN. Clients and collaborators can select specific or integrated services of J.DESIGN, including J.DISCOVERY™, J.MD™, JP3®, and J.POD®.

J.DISCOVERY™ – For superior antibody therapeutics 

  • Large, diverse, manufacturable, and developable discovery libraries with machine-learned biasing

J.MD™ – Just Molecular Design Services 

A suite of research and development services that utilise Abacus™ and other predictive computational tools. Optimising the design of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies is the most powerful lever for enhancing speed of development and lowering costs. Services include:

  • Evaluation and engineering of antibody molecules
  • Design of biologically applicable therapeutic modalities from existing active molecules – e.g., fusion proteins or bi-specific immunoglobulins
  • Specific modifications including humanisation of antibody therapeutics

JP3® – Just Process & Product Platform Services

Leverages high-throughput technology to rapidly deliver robust manufacturing processes. Our experienced team of scientists offer research and process development services including: 

  • Stable cell line development and production of clonal cell banks
  • Bioreactor process development – fed batch, intensified fed batch or continuous formats
  • Media development and optimisation
  • Purification process development
  • Analytical method development and qualification
  • Bioassay development and qualification for potency, binding, and functional biocharacterisation (e.g., ADCC, CDC)
  • High-resolution mass spectrometry (Multi-Attribute Method)
  • Formulation development and stability optimisation

J.POD® – Just Manufacturing & Plant Design Services

Just’s J.POD® research and development services offer the client unique solutions for the design of flexible, deployable technologies and facilities needed to improve speed and cost-effectiveness of manufacturing, while never compromising quality. J.POD® services are tailored to meet the specific needs of the client, including:

  • Fed batch, intensified fed batch, and continuous process formats
  • GMP cell banking for both master and working cell banks 
  • Drug substance manufacturing for Tox, Phase I and Phase II clinical trials
  • Unique manufacturing facility design solutions the client can implement
  • Late phase, commercial J.POD® facility is under construction in Redmond, Washington
  • Expert consulting for a J.POD® designed facility – design phase through regulatory approval, as needed by the client

Integration: The Just – Evotec Biologics team’s experience across a wide variety of scientific disciplines combined with their unique integrated approach positions Just as a flexible, knowledgeable partner for biotherapeutic research and development.

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