Integrated Drug Discovery

Integrated drug discovery

Evotec offers all the relevant capabilities required to support drug discovery projects from target identification through to IND submission and beyond, but integrated drug discovery is much more than simply providing multiple capabilities. Evotec also offers partially or fully integrated drug discovery support to its partners by blending extensive drug discovery knowledge and experience, expert project management and excellent understanding and knowledge of all major therapeutic areas.

Considering that each partner has different needs, internal capabilities and capacities, we always thoroughly review project goals and specific requirements with our partners.  This helps us to ensure alignment and to develop a coherent plan that enables our partners’ to leverage the benefits of our large, flexible, high-quality organisation as a one-stop, cost-effective solution, no matter where the project lies on the idea-to-IND continuum.

Evotec – a perfect partner for integrated drug discovery support

  • Industry-leading capabilities in integrated drug discovery
  • Internal processes and technologies optimised to focus on quality and speed allowing for reduced cycle times and thereby accelerating our partner’s discovery efforts
  • Proven ability to progress targets to pre-clinical development within 3 years
  • Consistent problem-solving, invention, delivery and innovation for our partners
  • Single contracting partner which reduces complexity and overhead for our partners 
  • Highly experienced and proven senior scientists act as project leaders and provide a single point of contact to our partner organisations
  • Expert advice on overall project strategy
  • Securing IP protection and supporting grant applications

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