Integrated antibody R&D

From concept to IND

Less expensive, faster, and more flexible ways of discovering, developing and manufacturing biotherapeutics

At Evotec we can provide both stand-alone antibody discovery services like Just -Evotec Biologics’ AI-driven J.DISCOVERY platform (more information about J.DISCOVERY can be found on the Just - Evotec Biologcs site) or Evotec’s in vivo antibody discovery.

For the latter we combine the traditional hybridoma technology with automated devices for high-throughput clone selection, screening as well as recombinant expression and purification. As source for best-in-class human antibodies, we are using the ATX-Gx™ platform, a suite of immunocompetent transgenic mice from our collaboration partner Alloy Therapeutics.

In addition, through our extensive drug discovery know-how and experience, we can also offer seamlessly integrated antibody drug discovery capabilities. No matter where the project lies on the idea- to- IND continuum and beyond, Evotec’s experience supports all activities from target identification through to IND submission and beyond.


Our clients and collaboration partners can make use of our industry-leading, long standing experience in a broad range of target classes, the breadth and depth of the extensive disease biology, the availability of biology relevant and mechanism-driven assays and models applied in a rational and efficient way. Evotec has in-depth disease expertise in anti-infectives, respiratory diseases, immunology, oncology, metabolic diseases and neurology. Depending on the therapeutic area and the target, Evotec employs relevant translational in vitro or ex vivo assays that assess desired functional effects of the candidate molecules. We develop suitable pharmacodynamic read-outs that either provide a target-proximal read-out, target engagement, or that quantify desired downstream effects. If available and desired, candidate molecules can also be tested in relevant disease models to assess efficacy in animal models. 

Evotec’s pre-clinical department offers the full range of in vitro and in vivo GLP and non-GLP pre-clinical evaluation studies to thoroughly assess the safety profile of the drug candidate. Our clients and collaboration partners can benefit from our extensive understanding of PK/PD relationship for human dose prediction. 

Finally, Evotec can perform Biomarker discovery and Biomarker studies to enable diagnosis, assessment of target engagement and pharmacodynamics effects, patient stratification or prediction of therapeutic success. In this context, Evotec offers a comprehensive proteomics and ligand binding assay platform to support Biomarker sciences from discovery through to the clinic.

All of this is paralleled by data-driven solutions to biologics design and manufacturing to ensure smooth transition into development and reduced risk of downstream attrition and delay.

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