Research never stops

Company History


  • Evotec and Celgene enter into drug discovery collaboration for neurodegenerative diseases
  • Evotec acquired Cyprotex, a specialist pre-clinical contract research organisation in ADME-Tox and DMPK headquartered in the UK
  • Evotec and Oxford create novel Partnership called 'LAB282'
  • Evotec and Bayer partner to develop new treatments to fight kidney diseases
  • Evotec achieves clinical as well as pre-clinical development milestone as part of its multi-target alliance with Bayer in endometriosis
  • Evotec spins off auto-immune disease company as 'Topas Therapeutics GmbH' and invest in companies like Carrick  Therapeutics, Eternygen


  • Significant Cure X/Target X initiatives successfully partnered: TargetFibrosis in tissue fibrosis with Pfizer; TargetBCD in diabetes with Sanofi; TargetImmuniT in immuno-oncology with Sanofi/Apeiron Biologics
  • Evotec and Sanofi sign definitive agreement for major multi-component strategic alliance and acquires Sanofi's scientific operations and related employees at Toulouse site


  • Evotec announces update on DiaPep277®
  • Evotec establishes an anti-infectives platform with the acquisition of Euprotec Ltd
  • Evotec and Debiopharm Group collaborate on development of new treatment for cancer
  • Evotec acquires Bionamics GmbH to accelerate EVT Innovate strategy


  • Evotec enters integrated alliance with AstraZeneca in kidney disease
  • Evotec and Harvard University to collaborate on exploration of enteroendocrine signals affecting key metabolic pathways
  • Evotec and Harvard Stem Cell Institute form CureMN collaboration to advance ALS research
  • Evotec raises EUR 30 m from Biotechnology Value Fund
  • Evotec and Harvard University to collaborate on development of new class of antibacterials
  • Dana-Farber's Belfer Institute for Applied Cancer Science and Evotec establish collaboration in oncology
  • Evotec expands compound management capability to East Coast of the United States
  • Evotec and Yale University form Open Innovation Alliance


  • Evotec partners its EVT100 series with Janssen Pharmaceuticals
  • Evotec and Bayer enter into multi-target alliance to fight Endometriosis
  • Evotec and Harvard University enter strategic allicance with Janssen Pharmaceuticals (CureBeta)
  • Evotec grants exclusive rights on EVT401 in China to CONBA Pharmaceutical
  • Evotec Action Plan 2016 – Innovation Efficiency
  • Evotec and Harvard University expand strategic alliance into Kidney Disease 


  • Evotec and Roche sign an agreement to develop compound against the Alzheimer’s disease. Evotec's compound (EVT302), the so called MAO-B inhibitor, could slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease
  • P2X7 antagonist programme, EVT401, to a top tier global animal health company partnered
  • Multi-target collaboration with UCB in neurodegenerative and neurological diseases
  • Evotec acquires compound management business from Galapagos and further strengthens its innovation offering
  • Evotec and Roche decided to voluntarily terminate the first proof-of-concept study in treatment-resistant depression with their NR2B sub-type selective NMDA antagonist EVT101
  • Evotec establishes research collaboration with Harvard University and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in diabetes research (CureBeta)
  • Evotec acquires Kinaxo,expanding its drug discovery platform with cutting-edge technologies


  • Evotec has entered via its subsidiary Develogen AG into a licence and collaboration agreement with MedImmune in the diabetes therapeutic area with a particular focus on the regeneration of insulin producing beta cells
  • Evotec licenses Phase II insomnia candidate to JingXin Pharma for development in China
  • Evotec is adding a core capability in metabolic disease biology by acquiring DeveloGen
  • Start of Phase II with EVT101 (Treatment-resistant depression)
  • Integrated drug discovery alliance with Genentech
  • Successful completion of first-in-man study with EVT103
  • Extension of CHDI collaboration (Huntington's Disease)


  • TecDAX re-entry/Evotec voluntarily delists from NASDAQ
  • Evotec and Boehringer Ingelheim extend and broaden research collaboration
  • Start Phase I with EVT103 (Treatment-resistant depression)
  • Evotec accelerates growth strategy of its discovery alliance business with acquisition of Indian RSIPL
  • Successful Completion of first Phase I Study with EVT401 (P2X7)
  • Evotec acquires Zebrafish Screening Operations of Summit Corporation
  • Evotec and Roche to develop EVT101 for treatment-resistant depression
  • Evotec 2012 Action Plan to Focus and Growth
  • Unsuccessful partnering of EVT201 and failed Phase II of EVT302 in smoking cessation results in the decision to only pursue proprietary assets if funded


  • Evotec completes acquisition of Renovis, NASDAQ-Listing
  • Start Phase I with P2X7 Antagonist (Rheumatoid arthritis)
  • Evotec participates in the sale of Direvo Biotech to Bayer Healthcare
  • Three-year drug discovery collaboration with Novartis
  • 3 additional milestone payments from Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Fragment-based drug discovery agreement with Ono


  • Evotec and research support International Limited form Evotec-RSIL Ltd, a Joint Venture in India for the design, synthesis, management and commercialisation of compound libraries
  • Foundation of European ScreeningPort GmbH with the support of Evotec
  • Evotec sells its Chemical Development Business to Aptuit
  • New multi-year collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim with focus on Alzheimer`s disease


  • Evotec in-licenses two Phase I MAO-B inhibitor from Roche
  • Raises EUR 18.5 m in a capital increase
  • Completes clinical Phase I for EVT101
  • Evotec sells Evotec Technologies to PerkinElmer
  • Further expansion and extension of Boehringer Ingelheim drug discovery collaboration
  • Second milestone payment from Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Extension of global medicinal chemistry agreement and medicinal chemistry collaboration in oncology with Roche
  • Forming a global alliance with Roche to jointly discover and develop compounds in the area of CNS


  • In-licensing from Roche Phase I EVT201 (Insomnia)
  • Capital increase,  EUR 28.4 m
  • Start Phase I with EVT101
  • First milestone payment from Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Extension of Boehringer Ingelheim collaboration
  • Extension of medicinal chemistry agreement with Roche


  • Evotec Neurosciences in-licenses drug candidates for the treatment of various CNS disorders from Roche
  • Three-year collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim with an initial focus on CNS diseases
  • Strategic global medicinal chemistry agreement with Roche


  • Expansion of Roche collaboration into the area of lead optimisation in oncology
  • Evotec Neurosciences and Takeda enter into a four-year collaboration to identify novel Alzheimer's disease targets


  • Spinning off its technology development business into its subsidiary Evotec Technologies
  • Extension of Discovery Chemistry Agreement with Roche


  • Initial cooperation with Roche with focus on chemical compound libraries


  • Merge with Oxford Asymmetry International plc,  form Evotec OAI AG, to become the leader in the discovery and development of novel small molecule drugs
  • Successful market introduction of EVOscreen®


  • Establishes Evotec Neurosciences GmbH in Hamburg
  • In November, Evotec BioSystems AG goes public


  • Raising DM 46 m (EUR 23.5 m), the largest private placements seen in the European biotech sector


  • Collaborations with Novartis and SmithKlineBeecham to develop EVOscreen®  (High-Throughput Screening System)


  • Evotec BioSystems GmbH was founded in Hamburg, Germany. Among the founders were Nobel Laureate Professor Manfred Eigen, Dr Karsten Henco, Dr Ulrich Aldag, Dr Freimut Leidenberger, Dr Heinrich Schulte, Professor Rudolf Rigler and Dr Charles Weissmann