Research never stops


Dec 21, 2004

Evotec Technologies provides EVOscreen® and Opera to Korea

Nov 11, 2004

Third Quarter 2004: On Track to Reach Updated Financial Targets

Oct 20, 2004

Evotec OAI Updates Guidance for 2004 and Provides Preliminary Third Quarter Revenues

Oct 06, 2004

ALTANA Pharma Selects Evotec OAI as Partner for a Kinase Lead Identification Programme

Sep 13, 2004

Evotec Technologies and QIAGEN Demonstrate Significant Benefits of Combining High-Content Cellular Imaging Systems with RNAi Applications

Sep 08, 2004

Evotec Neurosciences and Evotec OAI Enter into Joint Drug Discovery Collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim to Identify GPCR Modulator-based New Medicines

Aug 26, 2004

Bernard Questier Leaves Management Board of Evotec OAI

Aug 11, 2004

Seikagaku Selects Evotec OAI as Assay Development and Screening Partner

Aug 11, 2004

Second Quarter 2004: Revenues Rebound From Q1 - Good Progress in Difficult Market Environment

Jul 29, 2004

Evotec OAI to Apply New Rational Drug Design Platform, EVOrationale(TM), to High Priority Research Programme from ActivBiotics

Jul 21, 2004

Morphochem Selects Evotec OAI as a Partner for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Development of its Dual Action Antibiotic Oxaquin

Jul 19, 2004

Biogen Idec Selects Evotec OAI as a Service Provider for Process Research & Development

Jul 12, 2004

Evotec OAI Announces Preliminary Q2 Sales Significantly Improved from Q1 2004 - On Track to Meet Full-Year Guidance

Jun 18, 2004

Evotec OAI Undergoes Successful FDA Inspection

Jun 14, 2004

Neuronova AG Selects Evotec OAI as their Assay Development and Screening Partner

May 19, 2004

Evotec OAI Enters into Discovery Agreement with Nuvios

May 13, 2004

Guilford Pharmaceuticals Selects Evotec OAI as their Assay Development and Screening Partner

May 12, 2004

Evotec OAI and Roche enter into Strategic Global Discovery Chemistry Agreement

May 12, 2004

First Quarter 2004: Delivering on Forecast and Strategy

May 07, 2004

Evotec OAI Expands ADMET Platform, EVOprofile

Apr 26, 2004

Evotec OAI to Expand Agreement with Oxford Bioscience Partners through Integration of its New Rational Drug Design Platform, EVOrational

Apr 13, 2004

Evotec OAI Enters into Integrated Virtual Screening and Medicinal Chemistry Agreement with Fujisawa

Apr 02, 2004

Evotec Neurosciences Completes € 25 Million Series A Financing

Mar 25, 2004

Evotec OAI and Panacos Enter into Medicinal Chemistry Agreement to Design and Optimise Novel Anti-HIV Compounds

Mar 25, 2004

Evotec Neurosciences to licence NMDA receptor NR2B subunit selective antagonists from Roche

Mar 25, 2004

Evotec OAI AG - Financial Results 2003: Strategy delivers strong revenue growth and positive EBITDA

Feb 17, 2004

Evotec OAI Announces Re-organisation of it's Executive Management to Reflect the Growing Strengths of its Core Businesses

Feb 16, 2004

Evotec OAI's Preliminary Results 2003 Show Strong Sales Growth and Robust EBITDA Profitability

Feb 11, 2004

Evotec OAI and Toray Sign Integrated Medicinal Chemistry, Virtual Screening and Compound Profiling Agreement

Jan 14, 2004

Evotec OAI and Rib-X Pharmaceuticals Enter Into Medicinal Chemistry Collaboration