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Dec 11, 2002

Achillion Selects Evotec OAI as Preferred Partner for Clinical Compound Manufacturing

Dec 09, 2002

Evotec OAI Names Ian Hunneyball President of Discovery Services and Member of the Management Board

Dec 06, 2002

Evotec OAI Extends Medicinal Chemistry Agreement with Avidex

Dec 04, 2002

Evotec OAI to Collaborate with Prolysis in the Development of New Antibiotics

Nov 26, 2002

Evotec OAI: Direvo Raises EUR 10.5 Million in Series B Financing

Nov 25, 2002

Evotec OAI Extends Discovery Agreement with Solvay Pharmaceuticals

Nov 21, 2002

Elixir Pharmaceuticals to Access Broad Chemical and Biological Drug Discovery and Development Services in Agreement with Evotec OAI

Nov 14, 2002

Third Quarter 2002: Evotec OAI Reports Solid Performance in Difficult Market Environment

Nov 14, 2002

Evotec OAI Enters into Innovative Drug Discovery and Development Agreement with Venture Capital Firm Oxford Bioscience Partners

Nov 14, 2002

Evotec Technologies: EVOscreen® Mark III Successfully Passed Site Acceptance Testing at Novartis

Nov 07, 2002

Evotec OAI Announces Medicinal Chemistry Agreement with British Biotech

Nov 04, 2002

Evotec OAI Successfully Completes Assay Development Programme with ALTANA Pharma AG

Oct 31, 2002

Evotec OAI Expands Long-Term Screening Technology Alliance with Pfizer

Oct 23, 2002

Evotec OAI Announces Update on Annual Guidance

Oct 10, 2002

Evotec Technologies Launches High-Throughput Cell Analyser 'Opera'

Aug 22, 2002

Evotec OAI Grants Licence to Roche Diagnostics

Aug 20, 2002

Second Quarter 2002: Evotec OAI Meeting its Growth Targets

Jun 25, 2002

Evotec OAI Announces Key Management Appointments To Position For the Next Phase Of Growth

Jun 13, 2002

Infinity Pharmaceuticals Selects Evotec OAI as Their Assay Development and Screening Partner

Jun 06, 2002

Evotec OAI and U3 Pharma Sign Screening and Drug Discovery Collaboration

May 22, 2002

Evotec OAI and Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Start Drug Discovery Collaboration

May 15, 2002

Evotec OAI AG - First Quarter 2002: Overachieved revenue goal for Q1 and strong order book for 2002

May 15, 2002

Evotec OAI Signs Contract Extension with Vertex Pharmaceuticals

May 08, 2002

Evotec OAI and Novartis intensify collaboration

Apr 29, 2002

Roche extends Discovery Chemistry Agreement with Evotec OAI

Mar 27, 2002

Evotec OAI and MediGene have Identified New Active Compounds for the Treatment of Cardiac Diseases

Mar 25, 2002

Evotec OAI and SiREEN Enter Into A Drug Discovery and Development Agreement To Identify New Small Molecule Therapeutics

Mar 25, 2002

Evotec OAI Successfully Passes First Milestone in Collaboration with Byk Gulden/Altana

Mar 25, 2002

Evotec OAI AG - 2001 Annual Financial Statements: Continued Strong Progress and an Optimistic Outlook for 2002

Feb 05, 2002

Evotec OAI and Ionix Collaborate on Analgesic Drug Discovery

Jan 24, 2002

Evotec OAI and Serono Extend Discovery Chemistry Agreement First compounds resulting from the collaboration progressing into pre-clinical testing.