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C4X Discovery

Evotec has entered into a collaboration with C4X Discovery Ltd, a leader in rational drug discovery and design, and gains access to C4XD’s proprietary NMR-based technology.

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IR Pharma

Evotec and IR Pharma have established a Drug Discovery Alliance in the field of Respiratory

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ChemBridge Corporation

Evotec has entered into a collaboration with ChemBridge, a leading global discovery chemistry company, and further enhances its screening library.

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Diamond Light Source

Evotec's partner for protein crystallography

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Hypha Discovery

Evotec gains access to Hypha’s high quality natural product screening collection, MycoDiverse™

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PsychoGenics Inc.

Evotec and PsychoGenics enter into a strategic alliance to provide integrated CNS drug discovery solutions.

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Reach Separations

Evotec has collaborated with Reach Separations, a dedicated purification provider, to deliver support with the analysis and isolation of small molecules using chromatography

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